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Apr. 4, 2012
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Chocolate Factory
5900 N. Port Washington Road, 962-6770

275 W. Wisconsin Ave., 272-0400

W62 N577 Washington Ave., Cedarburg, (262) 377-8877

2120 E. Moreland Blvd., Waukesha, (262) 542-5405

Serving more than just chocolate, the Factory's menu includes subs in three sizes, croissants, salads, sandwiches, the soup of the day, chili (in season) and a variety of ice cream concoctions.  Beverage selection includes phosphates, created from seltzer water and a shot of flavor (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or cherry). (K.N.)  $. CC. OD at select locations. NA. Handicap access.

Chubby's Cheesesteaks
2232 N. Oakland Ave.

Many restaurants claim to serve Philly cheesesteaks yet few prepare them as they should. The rules are simple. Begin with a soft roll, not a baguette. The beef is not sliced but chopped and heated on a grill. Onions and green peppers are optional, and the preferred cheese is Cheez Whiz, although provolone and American are common substitutes. Chubby's uses a soft roll from Sciortino's with fried onions and a gooey mesh of cheese. (J.B.) $. CC. NA. LT. 287-9999

Cousins Subs
Multiple locations

Cousins was among the earliest venues to introduce the submarine sandwich to Milwaukee. The chain (which has since expanded to other Midwest states and even Arizona) features tuna, turkey breast, chicken breast, meatball, four varieties of cheese steaks and many other options all served on fresh Italian bread for a filling and flavorful meal on the run. Cousins also offers gargantuan party subs to take home and services many local delis and coffee shops with their wares. (DL) $. CC. NA.

Erbert and Gerbert

2338 N. Farwell Ave.

The best thing about this sandwich and soup shop is the food. The French bread is fresh and tasty, the veggies crisp, the meats plentiful, the sauces well-seasoned and the soup thick and hearty.  In a mini-mall just north of east North Avenue and open after hours on weekends, you can carry out or grab a table.  On the walls you'll find original fairy tales with charming illustrations by the franchise's Eau Claire founder that explain the whimsical names of his delectable concoctions. (J.S.) $. CC. OD. NA. Handicap access.

Georgie Porgie's

9555 S. Howell Ave., 571-9889

5502 Washington Ave, Racine, (262) 635-5030
Decorated like a tree fort—with branches, light fixtures made from syrup cans, tables decorated with super balls and a plethora of childhood games—Georgie Porgie's is a fun destination. The food ranges from hamburgers to gyros and delicious ice cream. Try the Porgie Burger featuring a homemade sauce, cheese, lettuce, pickles and onions. Don't forget to add a dessert; the banana cream pie sundae is topped with banana pudding, banana slices, graham cracker crumbs, whipped cream and a cherry. (H.Y.) $. CC. OD.

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich Shop

1344 E. Brady St., 272-3333

1532 W. Wells St., 344-1234

3129 N. Oakland Ave., 967-9014

767 N. Water St., 227-1166

Conceived as a healthier fast food choice for college students, the meats, provolone and basic veggies are sliced on site and taste fresh.  Served on homemade French or thick-sliced 7 grain bread—or lettuce as a low-carb alternative—the subs are built, wrapped and tossed to the cashier in seconds.  Soda, chips, kosher dills, hot peppers and cookies are available.  Window and sidewalk seating are good for people watching.  The shop is popular with patrons of area nightclubs after hours. NA. (J.S.) $. CC. OD at select locations.

Philly Way

405 S. Second St.

The Philly Way prides itself on the authenticity of its Philadelphia cheese steak, serving it with shaved ribeye and onions cooked on the grill. There is a choice of cheese, but purists will want the cheese whiz for a big gooey mess. Optional ingredients include peppers and mushrooms. The tiny place is so authentic that it was declared the best cheese steak joint outside Philly by none other than Philadelphia Magazine. (J.B.) $. CC. OD. NA. 273-2355

Potbelly Sandwich Shop
135 W. Wisconsin Ave., 226-0014

5725 N. Bayshore Drive, Glendale, 963-9032

Sandwich lovers should be sure to stop at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Try the Italian, deliciously piled high with capicola, mortadella, pepperoni, salami and topped with provolone cheese. The sandwich is then toasted and served fresh and warm with your choice of toppings. The menu also offers options for big eaters and dieters. Before you leave, be sure to spot the antique potbelly stove. (H.Y.) $. CC. OD. Handicap access.


10853 W. Bluemound Road

Suburpia introduced the submarine sandwich to many Milwaukeeans in the early '70s—a time when their menu was a good cure for the munchies and their clever radio ads were sung by the still-unknown John Belushi. Suburpia still offers the Davey Jones (tuna), Reuben James (corned beef), Gold Coast (ham) and Miles Standish (turkey). Served on sub-shaped buns loaded with cheese, mayo and chopped salad in a tangy dressing, the subs are so heavy laded that the filling tends to slide out of the buns. (D.L.) $. CC. NA. 456-1100


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