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Next Act's Charming, Emotional 'One Time'

Apr. 11, 2012
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The complexities of human interaction are explored with wit and charm in Richard Lyons Conlon's One Time. The production at Next Act Theatre stars Jonathan Gillard Daly and Linda Stephens as two people getting to know each other again after many years apart. Conlon has managed to create two characters in great detail while also keeping it very simple.

The two were married long ago, but not to each other. They were neighbors. A chance meeting brings them together again, and now they meet at the same time each week and trade one story from their lives. We watch a relationship play out in stories told between the two in a way that is clever and nonlinear, but also very practical and easy to follow.

Daly and Stephens bring the relationship to the stage with charm and emotional depth. Daly is particularly interesting—his character has deep feelings for the woman, and he actively pursues the relationship. Chance has made things more complicated for Stephens' character, who gradually demonstrates why the man has such great admiration. It's a very concise emotional equation.

One Time
runs through April 29 at Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St. For ticket reservations, call 414-278-0765.


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