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Dark Sector

7.5 out of 10

Apr. 13, 2012
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Since my nearest Blockbuster is now officially closed (and I'm struggling to figure out where the NEXT nearest one is), I thought I'd hop on down to the local video game store to examine the newly released, overpriced games. Ninja Gaiden 3? Nope. That's a rental for sure. I'll review it next week, in fact. If I can find a place to rent it from.

What I did see, however, was an old game that I used to play: Dark Sector. I remember enjoying myself quite a bit, then getting frustrated at a point that I couldn't quite figure out. Then giving up.

Well, for $3.99, I figured this would be worth it regardless. I was totally right. The game is still enjoyable and—thanks to some help from the Internets—I managed to get past the part that was giving me trouble.

A quick overview: you play a young man named Hayden who has to use his super-cool mutated arm to destroy a bunch of mutated creatures created by a wildly insane scientist. Expect blood. Lots and lots of blood.

Also expect to enjoy yourself. It's a pretty good romp, and the story—while ridiculous at times—is told well and makes it easy to stick with the game through its occasionally puzzle-solving hiccups. The graphics are nice. The sound effects are good. The voice acting is good.

The game itself plays a lot like Gears of War. The only difference, and what really makes the game worth playing, is your weapon: a glaive. It's like a giant ninja star, and once you throw it you can actually control it mid-air, tearing through mutants left and right. It's a lot of fun.

So's the game. And it's totally worth the low price if you can find it.


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