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James Tate

Apr. 15, 2012
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Will somebody please let
James Tate go to the prom!
Readers swear he didn't mean it,
the pilot was truly lost - what?
O, this is not about the pilot?
I'm thinking of a different Tate?
You say he posted his desire too tawdrily?
That schools are for education
and not for asking questions?
He only wanted to know if Miss
Rodriguez would accompany him
to the dance. Now you want
to void the question? Can't
you see that he is a poet,
posting a passionate inquiry!
O please, miss head master,
for the love of James Tate
let him go to the prom!

Joseph Daniels credits the stories of James Joyce, particularly Ulysses, for his desire to write. Reading Joyce has taught him about the art of conversation and "a vision that streams in and out of consciousness." 


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