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Chicha Libre

Canibalismo (Barbes/Crammed Discs)

Apr. 24, 2012
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Although the band is far away in time and place from the origins of the music that inspires them, New York City's Chicha Libre builds from a long-lost Peruvian genre, chichi—the sound of Latin music converging with the Swinging '60s. The title Canibalismo refers to the band's cannibalization of whatever strikes their fancy, but their omnivore's delight remains based on scratchy South American vinyl of '60s vintage. Chicha Libre's snappy rubber-band rhythms carry along trebly electric guitars and Farfisa organs. A few tracks come closer to heavy rock via Tito Puente of early Santana, and “The Ride of the Valkyries” turns Wagner into the theme for an imaginary Western.


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