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Make the Right Choice

Ben Funk - Waukesha

Dec. 12, 2007
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I read your article regarding the importance of buying local and how it affects our local economy. I personally have worked for local businesses for the last four-and-a-half years now, and I really don’t see myself going back to a large corporation any time soon. I do support large corporate businesses and their right to exist, but I love when I know my dollar is going to someone who doesn’t succumb to the pressure of competition or selection. I’d take a well-trained individual for a few bucks more over an under-trained clerk at a discount chain any day. Milwaukee is a wonderful place that allows us to make this choice in all aspects of retail shopping, which I think is important. Whether it’s buying electronics, CDs/DVDs, clothes, food, wine, beer or alcohol, hardware, home improvement or many other goods and services, we at least have the opportunity to help out our fellow citizen by keeping our dollars here. I am very glad that you dedicated a cover story and a well-written article to this topic, which I think is important for every consumer to keep in mind.


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