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Dave Fitzpatrick Band

Through the Grey Veil

May. 8, 2012
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If there's a shortage of anything within the musical mainstream nowadays, it's mainstream rock—not alt, indie, metal or anything indebted to folkloric traditions. On Through the Grey Veil, Milwaukee's Dave Fitzpatrick Band keeps its rocking straight down the middle. If pressed for a label for their spirited sound, Fitzpatrick and his mates could possibly opt for Americana, though without the conscious burden of fitting into an alt-country mode. The spiritual restlessness embodied in Grey Veil's 12 songs seems to come from a more mature, ruminative mind-set than the brashness of younger guitar bands. That Fitzpatrick's vocalizing comes on like Metallica's James Hetfield raised on an aural diet of John Mellencamp and The Smithereens rather than Budgie and Mötorhead tops off a sound at once reassuringly familiar and yet currently unique.


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