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Kyoto's Japanese, Chinese Fusion

May. 24, 2012
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The borders between Asian restaurants are blurring, as Japanese sushi bars now are often found in places that specialize in Chinese and Thai food. The reverse situation occurs at Kyoto (7453 W. Layton Ave.), a Japanese restaurant that also serves some Chinese fare. You will find familiar Chinese items like hot-and-sour soup, Kung Pao shrimp and General Tso's chicken. One dish to try is the crispy spicy chicken—the chicken is dry-fried, as there is no sauce—that comes with onions, mushrooms, zucchini and dried hot peppers. Do not be alarmed by the quantity of peppers; they only contribute a fraction of the flavor. At lunch this dish costs just $5.95 and includes soup, rice and a small spring roll—a truly great deal.


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