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Playing With Fire

May. 27, 2012
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(Interrupted excerpts from an episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross)

This is our crazy day;
maybe it will excite the imagination.
We're going to have a little campfire down here.
We'll just see what happens.
Start making little x's;
go all the way out to the edges of the canvas.
Even if you can't see anything happening,
just let it go,
because little things are happening,
picking up the color.
You can make this as bright as you want it;
add a little bit more,
lay in some color,
then begin working outward again.
That way, it gets darker as it goes farther away.
We're ready to get serious with this,
just very gently;
don't want to ruin the beautiful bright color you have.
We're going to show you some things that are a little different
than anything we've done in the past.
Hope you'll enjoy this one:
A touch of crimson.
Just let the trees disappear,
like little indications, far away.
Just touching the canvas,
bending the brush a little bit.
Don't spend a lot of time worrying about it.
A little place right there graduates into nothing.
The glow of the fire will take care of all of these,
so don't worry about them;
the light's striking them from the fire the tiniest little bit,
very soft and very far away.
Just begin blending all of it.
Begin adding all kinds of little things.
Maybe as we get farther away,
we can start playing a little bit.
I got in trouble for playing with fire when I was young,
but today we can do it.

Lauren Ruka is a 21-year-old writer and musician under the alias I Wore Quiet.  She thrives on unconventional lyrics, endless conversation with good company, and the riddles on Popsicle sticks.


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