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Bounding Main

Kraken Up

Jun. 4, 2012
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In the already rarefied world of folk music, not many acts specialize solely in maritime songs with a cappella vocals. Milwaukee's Bounding Main numbers among that select company, and, as the cover and title of their fourth album attest, they have a sense of humor about their mission. When you're dressed like you've just disembarked from an Elizabethan pirate ship, you might as well grin. Fortunately, the three guys and two gals of Bounding Main have the chops to sell their shtick. Historic, public-domain sea shanties and other olden styles mingle with originals and forays into barbershop harmony and sweet swing for a fulsome sound. Collaborating with a similarly minded combo, The Jolly Rogers, proves that the addition of an acoustic guitar and more bass and baritone voices make for even more fun.


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