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In a Field of Daisies

Jun. 10, 2012
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In a room full of elderly women on yoga mats,
you close your eyes and think of a place    think of a place.
The instructor, with her Cleopatra bangs,
listens to wind pants rustle against geriatric thighs.
You with your dark hair and still pliable joints
are floating. Your legs, streaked with the grease
of an inner tube on your grandparents' lawn.
Electric blue splashes from the pool
and the lemonade pitcher on the porch,
the same brown as your grandmother's loafers,
zooms into focus. Think of a place.    Think of a place.
All around you women are kicking away sweaty Reeboks.
They could be anywhere, you realize.
You remember the nun, your colleague at the college,
who said she dreamed of dancing
in a field of daisies. How, after she spoke,
each quiet nod in the hallway was a Namaste,
the copy machine a blur of yellow and white petals.

Emilie Lindemann is an assistant professor of English at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family in Manitowoc, WI. Her chapbook, Dear Minimum Wage Employee: You Are Priceless, was recently released from dancing girl press. This summer Emilie is enjoying exploring her musical side while playing violin with the folk rock band Cato Fall


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