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Dec. 11, 2007
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I know something that's going on around town that I don't see on ExpressMilwaukee.com. What should I do?

Add it to the site! Write and post a short article, add it to the Community Guide or add it to the Calendar. ExpressMilwaukee is your local bulletin board for sharing community information.

How do I submit content to ExpressMilwaukee?

Submitting content to ExpressMilwaukee is as easy as clicking a button on the site and filling in a form. You can add information as a new post, which others can comment on, or you can add your comments to what other people have posted.

I'm not a "writer." What's the best way to tell my story in an ExpressMilwaukee post?

Keep it clear and simple, and get to the point. Imagine that you were telling the story to a friend, and write it that way. Think about things that you'd want to know about that topic, and include them in your post. Tell the truth. Answering basic questions like Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? also may help you organize your thoughts.

Does anyone edit or approve content before it appears on the site?

No. All content is "live" as soon as a member publishes it to the site. Certain words are not permitted and will be rejected automatically. If you see something on the site you think is abusive or inappropriate, click the Report Misconduct link that appears on each post or comment.

Can I post personal information on the site?

Please don't-your own or anyone else's. ExpressMilwaukee is available for anyone on the internet to read, so please keep personal details out of your posts and comments unless you want to share them with others. And respect the rights and privacy of other people-especially children-by not including any of their personal information in your contributions to the site.

Can I submit a press release to the site?

Yes, but use your judgment-it may be better to post a less formal description of what you want to promote, or to list it in the events calendar. Outright promotions may not go over well with the general community, and the comments that members add to your post may reflect that!

Who decides what goes on the home page?

ExpressMilwaukee.com's local staff picks the day's most interesting posts, comments, photos and other highlights to feature on the home page, providing a snapshot of the best content on the site at any given moment. But the content itself is provided by the community.

Can I include a link to another site in a post or comment?

Yes. There are instructions on the content submission pages about how to include a URL or e-mail address in a post, comment, caption, Community Guide item or event link, as well as guidelines on the contents of those links. URLs are not permitted in classified ads, however.

Can I submit photos or videos to ExpressMilwaukee?

Absolutely! Photos may be attached to posts or added to our photo galleries-just follow the instructions there to do so. Don't worry about the size of the photos-ExpressMilwaukee takes care of that behind the scenes. Please don't post digitally altered photos. We expect to add video capabilities at a future date.

How do I get credit for content or photos I add to the site?

Credit is automatically given when you post something to ExpressMilwaukee-because you must be registered to post or comment, your member name is attached to everything you submit to the site.

Can I submit a regular column-weekly or monthly?

Absolutely! If you'd like to regularly share your thoughts with your neighbors, feel free to establish a regular spot in one of our sections.

Is there a limit to how often I can submit material?

Yes, but you'll probably never reach it. We want to create an atmosphere in which people are free to add posts, comments, photos and other material whenever they want. For technology and security reasons there are some caps on how many submissions a member may make in a day-but they're fairly generous.

Do you pay for stories or photos?

No. All material submitted to ExpressMilwaukee is done voluntarily, in the spirit of sharing information with your neighbors.

I know about a local Web site that's not in your Local Web Directory. How can I add it?

Click the link in the Local Web Directory that asks if you want to suggest additional sites. That will generate an e-mail form that you can use to let us know about a site. We'll review your suggestion and add the site if we think it is appropriate.

Who owns the information I post on the site?

You do. However, by adding posts, comments, photos or other material to ExpressMilwaukee.com, you agree to give us an unlimited license to reproduce the material on our site and in marketing materials, as described in our Community Agreement .


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