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Nicole Kottke

I'll Meet You There (Red Hall Records)

Jun. 19, 2012
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Oakfield native Nicole Kottke earned her country-music credentials by being raised on a farm, and she has plenty of the exuberance that comes with a happy youth. That combination works to her favor on her debut CD, I'll Meet You There. The slightly less-than-slick production gives Kottke's music (which certainly aspires to the more amiable currents of pop-country commercial radio) a slightly alt veneer. Kottke's voice lends authenticity to her songs about rural roads, county fairs and being daddy's girl. Fun as it all sounds, there remains a certain lack of tension in Kottke's work. She may want to plumb the less wonderful emotions and experiences of her life to add a more complete—and thus more relatable—perspective to her promising artistry.


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