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Not Your Kind of People (Stunvolume)

Jun. 27, 2012
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It's been seven years since the quartet featuring Scottish singer Shirley Manson and those three guys from Madison, Wis. (Butch Vig, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker) made new music. But they're back with their fifth and Garbagephiles should be well sated by the group's return to the hard driving synth rock sounds that made them mid '90s alterna-darlings.

“Automatic Systematic Habit” kicks it off into techno-high gear with Manson's naughty girl taunts at full throttle.  “Man on a Wire” showcases the band's taut rhythms amid the haywire guitars. But the ballads hold up just as well; the eerie, lush sounding “Sugar” harkens back to the stellar songwriting that marked the band's iconic debut.

Not Your Kind of People
is exactly what it means; it's Garbagetunes for Garbagefans—take it or leave it.

This is one for the taking.


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