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Heartless Bastards

Tonight @ Potawatomi Bingo Casino Stage and Pavilion, Summerfest, 8:15 p.m.

Jun. 30, 2012
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An endorsement from The Black Keys' Patrick Carney helped the Cincinnati garage-rock band Heartless Bastards land a home on Fat Possum Records, and though some early praise hovered around the group's first two records for the label, it wasn't until 2009's The Mountain that the band truly came into its sound. Produced by Spoon's Mike McCarthy and recorded with a new lineup that left singer Erika Wennerstrom the sole remaining original member, the album piled massive, psychedelic sounds over wily, bluesy guitar riffs and featured a broadened palette of instrumentation. The group's latest record, Arrow, comes out this February on Partisan Records.


The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear the case to determine if Wisconsin Republicans’ redistricting maps are too partisan. Do you believe the U.S. Supreme Court will order Wisconsin to redraw our legislative maps so the majority of legislative districts are competitive and voters will actually have a real choice between a Democrat and Republican?

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