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Thanks for the Votes

With warmest regards, Ted Perry Fox6 News

Dec. 12, 2007
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I’d like to sincerely thank your readers for recognizing me as “Best Milwaukee TV Personality” for 2007. I’m really quite humbled by that. I’ve been lucky enough to win a few awards in my 20-year stint in TV, but this is the first award voted on by viewers, so that’s a real kick for me. I never thought I’d see my name on a winners’ list that includes Milwaukee classics like Paul Cebar, Hooligans and On the Border. As for Dennis Shook’s review of the category: “Perry seems … less phony than most of his colleagues …” Stop, you’re making me blush already! Dennis, we get it: You hate TV news. Thanks for bringing it up every chance you get. Again, what matters to me is the acknowledgment of the Shepherd readers and for that, I’m grateful.


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