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I'm so into you

Jul. 8, 2012
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               Matthew Whalen

I 100% love you
50% of the time
and for the other half
I fight the urge
to smash and burn your shit
Every day is a struggle
for me to be happy with you
Every day you 100% accept
and cherish me
Every day you affirm
your tolerance for abuse

I'm so into you
     Nadia Husain

You helped me realize
I'm not the only one
who had to make a difficult decision  
about my body
and you helped save me
from the police and the stalker
I can't believe
Daniel doesn't know
what he did to you
after 5 years of making films
about narcissism

Dolly Lemke, born and raised in Milwaukee, currently lives and works in Chicago. Her poems are published or forthcoming in Columbia Poetry Review , Salt Hill , Sink Review , and Court Green . Her chapbook O Town Heights (DoubleCross Press) was published in 2012


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