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Peter Karp and Sue Foley

Beyond the Crossroads (Blind Pig)

Jul. 10, 2012
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Critically acclaimed songwriter Peter Karp and multiple award-winning blues performer Sue Foley's new album is a theme-driven follow-up to their 2010 collaboration He Said She Said. Often alternating vocals, Karp and Foley sing about topics of the concern in contemporary society. “We're Gonna Make It” is reminiscent of Little Milton's song by the same name, in which the main idea is that seemingly insurmountable obstacles will be overcome. “Fine Love” and “More Than I Bargained For” deal with acknowledging love as a redemptive, positive force.

Although the lyrics are the central focus of the songs, there is plenty of upbeat instrumentation. Karp's rocking slide guitar permeates a number of the tracks, especially “Plank Spank,” and he demonstrates some deft boogie-woogie piano on songs like “Chance of Rain” and the bluesy “You've Got a Problem.” Also, a five-piece horn section, The Swingadelic Horns, provides a New Orleans jazz feel on “At the Same Time.” The collection has the cumulative effect of providing some sort of catharsis and, in turn, relief, in the midst of conflict.

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