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Moving Castle

Jul. 29, 2012
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chipped paint on an old wooden door creaks cats out of
caffeinated shopkeep kitchen
entrenched in Nutrition Facts and rabbit cookbooks
rearranging dresses and letters on doorways
old speaker rewire behind beams or down to burrow basements
whiskered couch stains layer television tapestries
hidden closet rooms whisper carrying radio word
dancing at night in gray knit hair double bunk bedding
teapot front porch
a sister running up and down steps
clouded by leaves little room in attic
Kali lines the wall in wonder out the pane
birds that carry the neighbors used ashtrays
Ganesh trunk drains into snuggle back garden
green beans and moss over every
barefoot path rounded fountain where gnomes marche
and shed she stood on laid down in the rain below the branches

pretend hollers

slanting gold on an ivy swing in dry summer

she walking out of the front door with serene eyes and slit smile petal skin on a buried street in a hometown

Daniel Werachowski is a 21 year old  who is currently unemployed.  He enjoys reading and writing and seeking employment in his spare time.


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