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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

7.5 out of 10

Aug. 3, 2012
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Ah, memories. I bought the first Tony Hawk game solely based on the reviews, and I bought the second game solely because it became the go-to video game in the dorms during college. Everyone was playing it. Everyone was losing sleep over it. Every floor of the dorms had a pro.

Then … well, it just sort of fizzled out.

So imagine my surprise when I downloaded this HD update for the first game and enjoyed myself immensely. It was all still a load of fun. The graphics are updated, but the gameplay is just as you remember it: smooth. There was a reason this game was so, so easy to play. And with levels from 1 and 2, you'll find plenty to enjoy.

At $15, though, don't expect an insane deal. There are seven stages, and while you'll probably have fun playing through them each a handful of times, unless you're a perfectionist you'll start to get just a little bored after a while. Add on to that the fact that you can't build your own level (and there are a few characters missing) and you'll probably end up thinking to yourself, “Hey. This was about worth the fifteen bucks.”

For those of you who are perfectionists, expect plenty of challenges, including the Projectives which are insanely difficult.

Ollie, kick-flip, grind, and manual your way to happiness and sweet nostalgia. I can't wait to download the next one.


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