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Sara Krajewski, INOVA's New Director

Aug. 8, 2012
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With 12 years of experience as a curator of contemporary arts at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, Madison Art Center and Harvard Art Museums, Sara Krajewski has arrived in Milwaukee as director of the INOVA (Institute of Visual Arts) galleries at UW-Milwaukee.

What can we anticipate by way of innovative programming at INOVA?

My interests and past exhibitions have focused on photography, film, video and installation sculpture. These media are likely to have an important role. Hybrid, interdisciplinary art practices and linking the arts to investigating science and other aspects of culture that take artists beyond studio and gallery are also important to me.

What will be the role of national and international artists in your program for INOVA?

Longer-term artist residencies with leading national and international artists that allow for more in-depth benefits will be an important component in the future projects of INOVA.

What will be the role of the UWM Fine Arts faculty?

I am excited about the creative possibilities that UWM's extensive Peck School of the Arts offers for collaborative efforts. Establishing a climate for creative interdisciplinary projects engaging the resources of the visual art and design, dance, film, theater and music departments at UWM will be an important part of the agenda that we can develop together.

How does a university-based institute for art differ from a commercial art gallery?

Being part of an educational institution is important to me. I envision INOVA as a pedagogical research tool versus the commercial art gallery, where art is presented as a commodity. Artists are a part of society's creative problem-solving teams, along with the sciences and other disciplines. As a part of a major university, INOVA can become a partner with others in the university and the community in such efforts.

How can INOVA connect to the needs of the greater Milwaukee community?

My aim is to make this institute a welcoming face of the university. I am eager to get out in the community to meet artists and colleagues and to better understand the history of INOVA and its role, so as to better serve the needs of the Milwaukee community. One of the priorities will be to foster projects that bring to the public's attention how artists arrive at creative solutions and how their work might help to navigate our world. INOVA can contribute by becoming a place of dialogue and debate for artists and the community to effect positive outcomes.

What challenges will you face and what will it take to realize your vision for INOVA?

Quality artistic programs, strategic planning, successful donor cultivation and building support in the university and the community are all essential parts of the process. I am ready to take on these challenges with enthusiasm and energy. With the help of a network of national and international colleagues, together with the support of university colleagues and the community, I believe we can succeed in refocusing INOVA's artistic programs to international acclaim.


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