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The Fearless Flores Thrill Show

Today @ Wisconsin State Fair, 3 and 6 p.m.

Aug. 12, 2012
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In the immortal words of comedian Howie Mandel, this is one time when the appearance of mom actually makes a situation more dangerous. The Fearless Flores Thrill Show features a stunt-crazy family from Myakka City, Fla., who earned a spot in the quarterfinals of Season 6 of “America's Got Talent.” In their first appearance, the two daredevil Flores kids, ages 8 and 13, rode motorcycles in the Globe of Death. Their dad, Ricardo, just happened to be standing in the globe while the kids looped around him at top speed. Ricardo didn't even seem to be fazed by it, probably because the Flores kids have been daredevils since the ages of 4 and 6 and are now the youngest brother and sister team to conquer the Globe of Death. The Flores family upped the ante in their next appearance by adding mom Arcelia to an already dangerous mix. The judges were wowed again, but wondered how the Flores family could take their act to the next level. State Fair audiences will find out. In addition to the Globe of Death, the Fearless Flores Thrill Show offers a human cannonball, a Spacewheel perched 30 feet in the air, and a “motorcycle raceway in the sky” that the family promises will produce “bloodcurdling thrills.” All ages are welcome—but kids, don't try it at home. (This is a free show with admission to the fair.)


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