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Something to Do

Music for Fine Dining

Aug. 20, 2012
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Milwaukee ska daddies Something to Do continue to make the music they love long after the '90s mania for the genre has subsided. Perhaps irony and the act of getting over romantic messes work to keep things fresh for them. Music for Fine Dining's artwork gives the appearance of an invitation to the fanciest of parties. Instead of a spirited soiree, however, you'll find a dozen songs that reek with the dismissal of romance gone wrong. Because it's ska, there's much in the way of seemingly cheerful skankability to give equilibrium to emotions that tilt toward bitterness.

And, as most any good third-wave ska band worth their brass does, Something to Do engages in some stylistic shape-shifting. Fitting their horns and pop-punk guitars into the occasional '60s soul motif and a bit of metal shrapnel could be expected moves for such a band, but slo-mo mournful klezmer? It works! Even as the fad for their sound has long left the media spotlight, Something to Do keeps doing music worth hearing.


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