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Illogic of the Shepherd Express Expresso

G.A. Lindstrum, Milwaukee

May. 7, 2008
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I'm as pro-choice as the next guy, but the illogic of the Shepherd Express' attempt to malign the anti-abortion pharmacist for refusing to dispense the birth control pill is alarming.

You say that if he doesn't want to dispense the pill, he shouldn't have become a pharmacist. Hmmm...so once you become a pharmacist you have no right of conscience? What else should pharmacists be required at all costs to dispense? For that matter, should all health care personnel be required to participate in everything the government says is legal, right and just? Should government-employed physicians and nurses be required to participate in our current administration's torture chambers? Where does it end?

The beauty of celebrating diversity is accepting others' deeply-held beliefs. I disagree with this pharmacist, but as person who believes in "choice" for everyone, he shouldn't be forced to participate in something he believes is unjust. Get your prescriptions filled somewhere else, and stop the childish name-calling!

G.A. Lindstrum



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