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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Tonight @ the Turner Hall Ballroom - 9 p.m.

May. 2, 2008
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As the band’s name suggests, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club specializes in loud, rambunctious garage rock, making the group outcasts from an indie-rock scene that now prefers downtrodden songwriting or handclap-laden quirk. Blending abrasive guitar-driven straight-ahead rock with plenty of nods to the Jesus and Mary Chain’s most fuzzed-out moments, the band’s most recent release, Baby 81, is a return to its trademark sound after the introspective folk of 2005’s Ginsberg-inspired Howl. Opening the band’s 9 p.m. show at the Turner Hall Ballroom tonight is The Duke Spirit, a band led by the throaty, emotive vocals of Liela Moss, who fuses styles as wide-ranging as the spacey guitar rock of Frank Zappa to the doo-wop of ’60s girl groups.


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