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Art Garfunkel

The Singer (Columbia Legacy)

Sep. 7, 2012
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Simon & Garfunkel sang some of the '60s most beautiful songs and when they split, many assumed that Art Garfunkel, if only because of his nascent acting career, would go farthest. It didn't play out that way, but if Garfunkel never entirely left Simon's shadow, he made a few lovely records and reunited with his erstwhile partner periodically. A two-CD career-spanning retrospective, The Singer begins with his earliest recordings with Simon and works through 10 (he had that many?) of his solo albums along with a couple of new tracks for this set. Frankly, neither Simon nor Garfunkel consistently recaptured the magic they had in the '60s, although Simon compensated by pushing toward new musical directions. Garfunkel, it seems, was content to sing well.


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