Tonight @ the Turner Hall Ballroom - 8 p.m.

May. 3, 2008
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Once coldly dismissed as another Promise Ring side project—and not a particularly interesting one at that—local indie-rockers Maritime have picked up a well-deserved following over the years, as their records became better and their live shows stronger. Last fall they released their finest record yet, the tuneful, peppy Heresy and the Hotel Choir, which met with a symphony of local accolades. Some of the praise surely resulted from hometown pride—with long-distance bassist Eric Axelson (formerly of Dismemberment Plan) out of the picture, Maritime now feels like a true local band, not a transnational side project—but equally strong reviews from the national press further fueled the sense of excitement surrounding the group. Openers White, Wrench, Conservatory put a bold spin on the traditional shoegaze sound, thanks to some help from an old Hammond organ, an accordion and a half-dozen or so effects pedals.


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