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Greek Village on the East Side

Short Orders

Sep. 21, 2012
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During the building boom of the last decade, a pizzeria was tucked into the corner of a new condo in the heart of the old East Side. Now, the spot is home to Greek Village Gyros (1888 N. Humboldt Ave.), which serves an array of fast and ready Greek favorites—gyros, spinach pies, kabobs, veggie pitas and dolmades—along with American staples. For a cross-cultural experience, try the Greek burger with feta, oregano, tomato and black olives. With the restaurant’s faux marble walls and high ceiling, you could almost think you were in Athens. Better yet, while the weather is warm, eat at a table on the curbside patio, screened from the busy street by potted flowers and green plants. Greek Village is popular in the neighborhood for carry-outs. 


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