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Freeways benefit Milwaukee as well as the burbs

Todd Spangler, Milwaukee

May. 3, 2008
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As a long time reader of your publication, I'm well
aware of the liberal slant of your stories, including
your anti-freeway views.  It would be nice if you
realized that these roadways do not solely benefit the
suburbs, but also serve Milwaukee as well.  I've lived
in a highrise on Prospect on the East Side for a
couple of years and commute to Sussex, where I've
worked for 19 years.  I recently saw my new next-door
neighbor one morning wearing a Quad/Graphics shirt; it
turns out she is a plant scheduler at their Sussex
plant not more than 200 yards from the facility I
work.  If we did not have an adequate freeway system,
I would imagine that neither of us would be living on
the East Side.  I think the freeways tie us together
and make us more dependent on each other than you

Todd Spangler


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