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88 Keys’ Retro Fun in West Allis

Short Orders

Oct. 1, 2012
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The blue canopy marks the spot. 88 Keys (7211 W. Greenfield Ave.) in the heart of downtown West Allis is billed as a piano martini lounge, and—sure enough—a piano sits on a small stage (with live music some nights), martinis are served and a picture of the Rat Pack hangs on the wall. The interior is a retro fantasy, with chrome-edged modern sofas, TCM on the mute TV screens, vintage jazz purring from the speakers and the lights on dim. And there is food, too. An array of tasty pizzas includes chicken with bleu cheese and walnuts, spinach with artichokes and chicken with barbecue sauce. Heck, you can even get one with plain old pepperoni. Nothing on the appetizer-based menu is more than $10, and you can listen to a personable bartender hold forth on how to make the perfect sidecar. It’s a fun ride. 


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