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Wine Seasonings’ Dips With a Twist

Oct. 5, 2012
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Creamy dips are a staple of homey events like football parties, family gatherings and holiday meals, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some character or sophistication. Since 2007, a Waukesha company, Wine Seasonings, has been challenging dips’ comfort-food status with a line of seasoning packets intended to be mixed with wine.

The dips come in a dozen varieties, including conventional flavors like sun-dried tomato basil and sour cream and chive as well as more adventurous offerings like cherry chipotle or wasabi—the company’s best seller is cranberry tarragon—and are sold in individual, nonperishable packets. The packets can be mixed with either sour cream or cream cheese and a set amount of wine. Some recipes recommend red or white specifically, while many can use either.

“There’s no right or wrong type of wine you can use; it’s really based on preference,” says company owner Barbara Tewes. “If you’re using a chardonnay, it’ll give the recipe just a little bit of a zip, but if you use something a little more bold, like zinfandel or a malbec or a cabernet, you’ll taste a little bit more of that flavor.”

Wine Seasonings’ seasoning packets are available at wine stores and wineries around the country, and can be purchased directly from the company’s website, wineseasonings.com. The company also sells a variety of wine marinades and soup and bread mixes.














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