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Dec. 11, 2007
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I see something on the site I don't agree with. How do I post an opposing viewpoint?

Just click the Comments button and add your two cents. Please be polite and respect that others may have differing views. But you're free to express your own opinions.

What should I do if I see something on the site that's offensive or objectionable?

Please let us know by clicking the Report Misconduct link, which appears on each post or comment, or by sending an e-mail to reportmisconduct@ExpressMilwaukee.com. We'll review it to see if it meets our community guidelines.

Is there a way that I can see all of the postings and/or comments from a particular member?

Yes just click on their highlighted name on one of their posts or comments. You'll see everything they've added to the site.

Will you have a place where we can address public officials with our concerns?

Some public officials will be regular posters on ExpressMilwaukee, and you can talk to them by adding comments to their posts and comments. Even if you don't see a specific place to address public officials, feel free to create a new post on the site to address the issues you care about-others may share your concerns.

How do I know if the facts contained in material on the site are correct?

ExpressMilwaukee does not review or edit member content before it appears on the site-all content is the responsibility of the members who create it. If you see something you don't believe is true, feel free to add a comment to it.

Who provides the ratings and reviews of businesses in the Business Directory?

The reviews and ratings in the ExpressMilwaukee Business Directory section are the opinions of other ExpressMilwaukee members. Please add your own ratings and reviews of local businesses. You can also see all of the reviews written by a particular member by clicking on their member name. As with all content on ExpressMilwaukee.com, use your own judgment and take what you read in the reviews with a grain of salt.

How can I start a discussion on a specific topic?

Just write and publish a post that describes the issue you want to talk about. Others, if interested, will add their comments, and you'll get a dialogue going.


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