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To a Common Subject

Oct. 29, 2012
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why can’t I find a number

for Lisa Starflower


horrific turns and strophes

seriously, a fucking suitcase


how I feel in relation to you

going Kill Bill all over everybody


an empty shell

that would have gotten freezer-burnt


but Mary did not avenge Jesus

she couldn’t run fast enough


if she had a mid-life crisis

then Uma Thurman could play that part


eating lunch at your favorite restaurant

the kind that’s in a box


how long is a generation

the heavy blade


just looked at me like

what the fuck is wrong with you


what’s said and what’s done

I am wearing your favorite shirt


I can’t be friends with you

anaphora can do that

In the spirit of her namesake, Monica Thomas is a patron saint of ungrateful children, mothers, wives, widows, alcoholics, and adulterers. She surrenders to beauty that asks to be seen through an assortment of scenes in everyday life. Her decidedly myopic vision stems from a series of strategic losses from which her poetry invites humor in the quest for redemption. Sonic and associative, the voice in her poems begs to be read out loud; she hopes they will feel good in your mouth.  Please write to her at fortunebaby@gmail.com.



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