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Slather on the Sauce at Ashley’s Que

Fine barbecue comes to Walker’s Point

Nov. 6, 2012
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Those who know barbecue in Milwaukee will have discovered Ashley’s Bar-B-Que, located at 15th and Center. This place has been selling its delicious carryout barbecue since the late 1960s. Now Walker’s Point is home to a second location, named Ashley’s Que.

Darnell Ashley, the son of the founder, has teamed up with two partners to open a different type of place. The building of Ashley’s Que formerly housed the Dubliner and, most recently, Lo-Cash Live, which also took a stab at barbecue. The interior has not changed much since the days of the Dubliner. And it doesn’t need to, as it makes a convincing setting for a barbecue joint. The bar and wooden tables are the same, as are the fieldstone fireplace and chandeliers. Lively music emanates from the speakers, often classic blues or Jimi Hendrix. You will have fun here.

The menu is a smaller version of the one at the original location, and the prices are a tad higher. Most noticeably, there isn’t the superb barbecue goat that you’ll find at Ashley’s Bar-B-Que. However, there is barbecue beef brisket.

Ashley’s secret to success is a truly exceptional sauce, which is slathered on the meats. The sauce has all the right elements of tang and spice, best tasted on the pulled pork shoulder ($12.99) and the half chicken ($9.95). Rib tips ($10.99) have a lot of bone and are messy to eat, but the reward is very tender pieces of meat. The beef short ribs ($14.49) are also a good option.

A spicier barbecue sauce is available upon request. I think the regular sauce is better, though combining the two will also produce good results.

Entrees include two side items. Deep-fried chips are thin slices of potato that taste better than fries. Okra, breaded in corn flour, is tasty. Mac & cheese is well prepared, even though the mac is made of pasta shells. The greens are the best, prepared with bits of smoked pork and cooked to that perfect point where they still have a hint of crispness. The slaw is creamy, white cabbage with a bit of carrot.

A few entrees don’t come with sauce, including fried chicken ($8.99), a pork chop dinner ($9.99) and shrimp and grits ($10.99). The latter is creamy grits with mild cheese and chopped scallions. The shrimp are dusted in spices and black pepper—every bit as good as the barbecue.

Among the sandwich options is a gyro. I recommend the sandwich of pulled pork shoulder ($6.49). You will also find a few appetizers. The appetizer combo ($10.99) features Buffalo wings with a choice of four sauces, two fried chicken wings, barbecue rib tips and a choice of deep-fried chips or regular fries. The chicken wings compete with the fine rib tips and their seasoned flour coating.

Ashley’s Que offers outdoor picnic tables during warm weather. You won’t find many wines, but the beer selection is good and the bar is very well stocked.

Ashley’s Que should find success. There is very little barbecue of this quality in these parts.


Ashley’s Que

124 W. National Ave.

(414) 276-7666


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