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The College of Mothers

Nov. 26, 2012
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Is this not proof, this report

from the emergency clinic

that conducted dilation

and curettage?

Never mind the babies

hours old in my arms

that I rose to present

to the cluster of in-laws


            when that day before Christmas

            blood coursed down my legs

            and the nurse gently proffered

            the pan that contained him –

            he scallop-sized with ankles crossed


granting me admission

to that college of mothers,

not the one where women bear

and raise children

but where they carry always

the ones that they lost.




Shoshauna Shy's poem was first published in Santa Clara Review. Shoshauna is the founder of Woodrow Hall Editions which is responsible for the Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf, and the Woodrow Hall Jumpstart Award programs.  See the latest call for submissions with a deadline of November 30th: www.PoetryJumpsOfftheShelf.com



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