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Boris and Doris On the Town

Jan. 10, 2013
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Sneak Peek: B&D were happily treated to a sneak preview of the new comedic film Role Play, which will premiere at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Jan. 19 and 20. Made on a microbudget, using local actors such as comedians Kelly “Kellz” Stinnett and Terrance “T. Dot” Kingsby, the movie was written and produced by Kent Rashad Jamison, with Rob Phillips and John Rios rounding out the production team. Other performers are Adrian “Da Jester” Patrick, Ruth “Ms Cut” Troop, Gigalo Jackson and Dasha Kelly.

At a viewing at the Art Institute of Wisconsin, editor Rubin Whitmore II explained the film’s back story. Viewers included Nirvana Cobb, the film’s marketing coordinator and owner of Gatsby Events Planning and Development; filmmaker Rex Sikes, working on a pilot called Serum; and the aforementioned Rios, who also acts in the film.  

Role Play features a husband and wife with marital issues whose genders are suddenly reversed after visiting a mysterious counselor. Top area bands and musicians are featured on the rousing soundtrack, including Cincere, Alesia Miller, Scott Knoxx, Jre Riley, Stricklin and more.

Under the Dome Lights: The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory—aka The Domes—presented another fun weekly Music Under Glass concert, this time featuring U2Zoo, a U2 tribute band. The Domes’ queen bee Sandy Folaron stopped by to make sure all was running smoothly. Longtime B&D pals Ginger and Dave Klug enjoyed the music.

Attendees lined up for hearty Zilli Hospitality Group burgers and playful pictures from Wedding Photo booth Rental run by Zach Pappenfuss. Sue Spoerk, vice president of The Park People, signed up new members while American Mortgage & Equity branch-manager-by-day and artist-by-night Marty Searing painted a portrait of U2Zoo lead singer Scott Neis. The piece was later raffled off, assisted by Searing’s wife, Jade.

Stories Galore: The Moth StorySLAM held its monthly competition at Miramar Theatre, where 10 brave souls each told a no-more-than-five-minute story to a packed house. Three judging panels rated their performances. Emcee Christy Watson kept the crowd laughing between the tale-telling. The evening’s winning storyteller was Arnold Cifax Jr., a Maple Tree Elementary teacher and Christian singer-songwriter, who regaled listeners about his hero and alter ego, Peter Pan. His brother Chris was on hand to cheer him on.

Other favorites were Rob Harrington’s funny story about puberty and lackluster soccer prowess and Kate Bauer’s telling of son Joey Michels’ battle with rheumatoid arthritis. Michels, along with sisters Samantha Michels and Eshalon Anthony, sat in to hear their mom.

Among the other performers were Tosa teacher Dwight Osmon, plus Debra Simms, Julia Eldridge, Drew Shields and Jim Jones, who wanted to be secretary of state when he grew up and obsessively wondered, “What would Henry Kissinger do?” WHAD-FM sponsored the program; Wisconsin Public Radio’s regional manager Lisa Nalbandian welcomed the audience. Program producer Erin Hartman announced her participation in the upcoming Alchemist Theatre production of The Canonical Five of Jack the Ripper.

Northwoods Romp: On a frosty Friday evening, B&D dropped in to Camp Bar, the new Shorewood hotspot, for a libation and a chat with owner Paul Hackbarth, who also runs the adjacent Sound by Design disc jockey service. The cozy Rhinelander-inspired bar was designed by architect Wade Weissmann and Peabody’s Interiors, complete with antler chandeliers, knotty pine and a taxidermist’s dream. Bar managers John McCarthy and Ilana Cohn-Gomez and mixologist Dan Schlax didn’t seem to mind pouring under the watchful eye of Walter the Jackalope. Bellying up to the bar were photographer Pat Manning and Nancy and Steve Sitzberger, the latter on a constant hunt for Milwaukee’s best fish fry. The nightspot just started holding Monday night quiz nights from 8-10 p.m.

Next was a pullover at Devon Seafood Grill, where B&D deposited their bag of recyclable corks for the restaurant’s Cash for Corks promo. Andrea Johnson, Eveline Bampoky and Tara Ali, there to celebrate Stephanie Springer’s birthday, also donated corks. Our server, freelance personal trainer John Crone, treated us well.

News Bits: While out and about over the holidays, B&D ran into William Waldren, CEO of the Hudson Business Lounge, and his wife, Shannon Safar. She’s now the president and chief operating officer of Mortenson Safar Kim, the former Meyer & Wallis marketing agency… William Holahan, UW-Milwaukee professor, has co-authored a new Kindle book, Economics for Voters: 30 Issues for the 2012 Presidential ElectionChris and Rory Foley took a quick break from doting on their adorable baby, Jack, while Rory’s parents, Murph and John Burke, babysat.  

If you have any tips for Boris and Doris, contact them at borisanddorisott@aol.com. Their next column will appear in the Jan. 24 issue of the Shepherd.


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