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Old Cartoons

Jan. 28, 2013
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My Looney Tunes

my powerhouse

my woman’s a two face

            at the Broken Arms Hotel.


After opening many doors

the mouse dances with

a skeleton spider


Tex and Quimby Hound

the hound – no sleep

California Sunshine Boys are


Strangle that bitch of a phone

In the morning forget the hunt

it is better to sleep.


The sign says

“Cobweb Hotel

            for flies only”


I think I’ll go fish like a bear.



*Previously Published in Blue Canary 13 as

Working with Videotapes of Old Cartoons


Keith Gaustad's chapbook High Art & Love Poems was released in December 2012 at Woodland Pattern and is published via Broken Bird Press. He is the founder and editor of Burdock Magazine and the producer of Burdock Radio, a podcast series on riverwestradio.com.

He is the featured reader at Poets Monday at Linneman's Riverwest Inn on February 4th.



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