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Feb. 10, 2013
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I walked my loneliness home

under the roar and fiery roil of stars

crickets sang the night deep gold

alone  alone

I read the dew-gathered asphalt runes

illumined by streetlights

and the wan, desirous moon

you were somewhere

alive in the world

walking at night

hearing the song




                                                             originally appeared in Osiris, No. 61, 2005

                                                             and as a broadside by The  Costmary                                                                                           

                                                             Press, 2012




Ingrid Swanberg is a native Californian transposed to the Midwest.  Her poetry has appeared in numerous small press venues.  A chapbook, Eight Poems, currently appears in the online Light & Dust Anthology of Poetry and The Costmary Press has just released another, Three Bird Songs.  Her book, Ariadne & Other Poems is forthcoming from Bottom Dog Press in the spring of 2013.

She edits the poetry journal Abraxas and directs Ghost Pony Press in Madison, Wisconsin. She published Zen Concrete & Etc., a definitive collection by avant-garde Cleveland poet d.a.levy, and continues to contribute to the growing scholarship on levy’s work.


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