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First Stage Thinks Pink

Feb. 27, 2013
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Pinkalicious Pinkerton loves all things pink. So much so that she makes her entire world pink, including herself! And she finds the best way do it: eating pink cupcakes. And eating more pink cupcakes until….well, you can figure out the rest in this absolutely delightful production.

Based on the beloved children’s story, Pinkalicious, First Stage has created this magical world of pink and all its various hues with a new musical version that charms and delights throughout its brief 67 minutes (including a 15-minute intermission where children can get—you guessed it—pink cupcakes).

Is it ever possible to have too much pink in Pinkalicious’ world? By the time her uninvolved parents notice—amid her brother’s ignored warnings—the precocious Pink One has turned her favorite color from head to toe. And the doctor prescribes only one cure for her “pinkititis”: eating green-colored food, to Pink’s utter dismay (the children in the audience agreed when the word “broccoli” was mentioned). Lettuce sandwiches, grass juice, macaroni and celery and even broccoli popsicles. It’s all too much for Pinkalicious, who sneaks even more cupcakes and turns red, a color she hates! Now what?

Kudos to director John Maclay who keeps the action moving amidst Jason Coale’s Candyland-esque confection of a set and costume designer Alison Siple’s fluffy concoctions of all things pink. The cast at this show was “Pinktastic,” aptly named given Mallorey Wallace’s fearless performance as Her Royal Pinkness, confident at every step of the way with resounding vocals to match. If there is such a thing as perfect casting, Wallace is the real deal. As pestering older brother Peter, Cole Winston is an ideal counterpart to his pink-centric sister.

Niffer Clarke shines as Mrs. Pinkerton and Karen Estrada vamps it up admirably in a scene-stealing number as the doctor whose fancy tap footwork takes her on and off the examining table.

The recommended treatment for the winter blues? See Pinkalicious the Musical and eat (more) pink cupcakes, of course!

Pinkalicious The Musical
continues through March 27 at Todd Wehr Theater, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, 929 N. Water St. For ticket reservations, call 414-273-7206 or visit firststage.org.



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