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The Core of the Human Endeavor

Renaissance presents ‘The Road to Mecca’

Mar. 27, 2013
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Milwaukee theater veterans Jonathan Gillard Daly, Linda Stephens and Bri Sudia star in Renaissance Theaterworks' final show of the season. Suzan Fete directs the cast in a production of Athol Fugard's The Road to Mecca. The life and work of South African outsider artist Helen Martins is brought to the intimate stage of the Broadway Theatre Center's Studio Theatre at the beginning of next month.

Linda Stephens plays Martins who, at the time of the play, has been crafting a sculpture garden in apartheid-era South Africa for 20 years. Boredom with a life she considered dull inspired her using cement, glass and wire to decorate her home and the area just outside it. Daly plays a conservative pastor who wants to move the venerable artist to an old age home. Sudia plays her dearest friend—one who wishes to keep her free. Martins must work out whether she wants to continue feverishly transforming her space to the end of her life or heed her deteriorating health and let it go. It's a script that delves into the core of human endeavor.

It takes many hands to set the mood for the story of the acclaimed Martins. Local artist Kathryne Martin has created sculptures for the production. Non-profit leadership development organization, PEARLS for Teen Girls, contributed a couple thousand owl figurines to be used in the show.

Renaissance Theaterworks production of The Road to Mecca runs April 5-28 at the Broadway Theatre Center's Studio Theatre. For ticket reservations, call 414-291-7800 or visit broadwaytheatrecenter.com.


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