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Film Clips: Mar. 28

Mar. 28, 2013
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G.I. Joe: Retaliation PG-13

The second chapter of Hasbro's G.I. Joe resets the franchise. It's more comical, more action-packed and jammed with action stars. Bruce Willis plays Original Joe, now General Colton, returning to the fray, and lending weapons from his personal stockpile, to help his fellow Joes after the U.S. President (Jonathan Pryce) orders their termination. Dwayne Johnson appears as newcomer Roadblock, combat-tough, and mouthy. Assuming anyone remembers the forgettable original, Channing Tatum returns to his role as "G.I. Joe" Duke. Reportedly, Tatum's part was beefed up in reshoots, during a lengthily post-production that included the addition of 3D. (Lisa Miller)


The Host PG-13

Saoirse Ronan portrays Melanie, a member of a small resistance movement determined to evade aliens occupying human bodies. Melanie is captured and implanted with Wanda, but instead of erasing Melanie after absorbing her memories, Wanda is moved by the depth of Melanie's love for Jared (Max Irons), and her ties to brother Jamie (Chandler Canterbury) and Uncle Jeb (William Hurt). Adapted from a best seller by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, The Host uses science fiction as the backdrop for another young romance, but tells a more sophisticated story. (L.M.)


Tyler Perry’s Temptation PG-13

Writer-director Tyler Perry's latest pictorial lecture — I mean movie — purports to take on the complex subject of marital infidelity, but it is most likely to be remembered for the stunt-casting of Kim Kardashian in a supporting role. Bored in her marriage to high-school sweetheart Bryce (Lance Gross), marriage counselor Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) is seduced by her wealthy, playboy client Harley (Robbie Jones). As usual, Perry's serious intentions become bogged down by inferior acting, unlikable characters and a preachy method of storytelling. (L.M.)


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