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An Inventory of Lost Things

Apr. 8, 2013
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                       Of course the Dodo bird, not
                       for its stupidity, the way it blundered
                       into Portuguese clubs
                       and into the jaws of dogs
                       but for its innocence, because
                       I understand blind trust.

                       And I choose Lot’s Wife
                       for her lack of faith, the yearning
                       for what she could not lose,
                       even as she has survived,
                       and without a face.

                       I choose Gina Lollobrigida,
                       ooh la la, Italian vamp, the doll
                       my mother’s grandmother
                       made, her yarn curls
                       and rag legs longer
                       and thinner than hunger and fear.

                       From an inventory of lost things,
                       I choose November,
                       its chilly memos about leaving
                       written in the stitching
                       of last geese, the absence
                       of kindness, winter’s misery

                       in the face of all that coming light.
                       I choose you
                       and the circling trains, the ones
                       that never arrive, passengers turning
                       to face the place they came from
                       where they once belonged.




Karla Huston, Appleton, is the author of six chapbooks of poetry.  Her poems, reviews and interviews have been published widely.  She was awarded a Pushcart Prize in 2011.  A new chapbook and a full collection of poems, A Theory of Lipstick, are forthcoming in 2013. “An Inventory of Lost Things” was previously published in a chapbook by the same name by Centennial Press, 2009.  www.karlahuston.com


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