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Close-Up with Holmes, Watson and Moriarty

Apr. 12, 2013
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Michael Traynor and Max Hultquist return to the basement of the Brumder Mansion this month as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in Elizabeth Shipe's Sherlock Homes and a Regrettable Engagement. Shipe's script features an intricate and intimate look at Traynor as an energetic young Holmes who finds himself at odds with a markedly heroic Hultquist as Watson—thanks to designs by the villainous Professor Moriarty, played with darkness and depth by Matt Ecclestone. The cozy space of the Brumder brings the action harrowingly close to the audience.

A Regrettable Engagement runs through May 5 at the Brumder Mansion, 3046 W. Wisconsin Ave. For ticket reservations, call 414-388-9104.


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