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Film Clips: April 11

Apr. 11, 2013
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The Sapphires PG-13

Inspired by a true story, The Sapphires is an Australian comedy about an all-girl Aboriginal singing group from the ’60s (a Down Under Supremes) and their wily white manager. The Aborigines were treated like American Indians in the worst times, and their attainment of equal rights coincided with the civil rights movement in the U.S. The Sapphires presents their triumph as a heart-warming musical comedy, a fable about four young women from a disadvantaged background leaping hurdles of racism and bad odds. Music can sometimes soften the hardest hearts—especially if it’s that sweet soul music of the ’60s. (David Luhrssen)

The Sapphires opens Friday, April 12, at the Downer Theatre.


Scary Movie 5 PG-13

Spoofing horrors and genre fare alike, the critically panned Scary Movie franchise grossed $800 million over a span of four films, and has no intention of stopping. Anna Faris is replaced, but won't be missed due to casting Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen (who just wants to help Lindsay, ya know) as newlyweds stalked by a malevolent spirit. A medium is hired and arrives toting a device to extract the evil entity from their dreams a la Inception. Meanwhile, Black Swan is skewered when an aging ballerina sets out to ensure that her daughter follows in Mommy's toe shoes. Given the seven wonderful years elapsing since Scary Movie 4, it's likely that the six-quel is somewhere on the horizon. (Lisa Miller)


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