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One Winter Night

Apr. 22, 2013
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                                    One Winter Night


                                                          for Folami Abiade (1946-2012)




                                    one winter night

                                    with the river frozen

                                    and the fields kissed with snow


                                    i watched the stars fall

                                    one by one

                                    in rainbow colored clothes


                                    and change into children

                                    of all races

                                    whose angelic faces glowed


                                    on treetops and rooftops

                                    they landed

                                    on the hillsides and the roads


                                    so many fell

                                    the world filled with light

                                    and a great hymn of thanksgiving rose


                                    as the children of earth

                                    left their beds

                                    to add their voices to those


                                    who came and went before them

                                    and the ones

                                    only the future knows



 Daniel Grego is the Executive Director of TransCenter for Youth, Inc., the nonprofit agency that operates Shalom High School, the Northwest Opportunities Vocational Academy (NOVA), El Puente High School for Science, Math, and Technology, and Escuela Verde in Milwaukee.  (Visit the agency’s website at www.transcenterforyouth.org.)  

One of his major interests is exploring the confluence of the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, Ivan Illich, and Wendell Berry.  He recently contributed essays to A Whole Which is Greater: Why the Wisconsin “Uprising” Failed edited by Paul Gilk and David Kast and to Stay Solid: A Radical Handbook for Youth edited by Matt Hern.  He lives with his wife, choreographer Debra Loewen, the Artistic Director of Wild Space Dance Company (www.wildspacedance.org) on a small farm in the Rock River watershed in Dodge County, Wisconsin.


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