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Victor DeLorenzo, Lorenzo Menzerschmidt

Victor DeLorenzo, Lorenzo Menzerschmidt

Apr. 26, 2013
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Given Victor DeLorenzo's busy schedule, little wonder it took nine years to complete his latest solo album. According to him, his eponymous album was originally intended as a percussion extravaganza, and evidence of that plan is immediately audible on the opener, "Carry Me." Drums and vocal melodies carry much of the recording, but, as DeLorenzo explains, "I met new musicians I wanted to work with over the years—perfect candidates for the songs I was creating."

Many old companions are also present. Gordon Gano lends his familiar voice to "Dr. Um" and the entire DeLorenzo family—Victor's wife Karen and children Malachi, Peri and Toshiko—are heard on "I Remember When I Loved Her," a cover of a Zombies' B-side. New voices include Kim Manning, vocalist from George Clinton’s band, on "Good Feeling," a Euro disco take on the old Violent Femmes' song. Most of Victor DeLorenzo is eccentrically rhythmic and lyrical—wiry tunes spiked with percussive patterns echoing


DeLorenzo's interest in the far places where jazz traveled in the ’60s.

DeLorenzo is also integral to the debut disc by the blues trio Lorenzo Menzerschmidt. DeLorenzo lays a straight, simple beat under a batch of originals by guitarist Jim Ohlschmidt and covers of old blues and familiar rock numbers. The third member, bassist Tony Menzer, adds a steady pulse to the proceedings. The fun had by the three veteran Wisconsin musicians is palpable throughout. Lorenzo Menzerschmidt would be welcome at any roadhouse still serving live music.

And that's not all for DeLorenzo, whose cello-driven ensemble Nineteen Thirteen has an album in the works. And yes, the Violent Femmes have regrouped for four dates this spring and summer.


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