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Apr. 28, 2013
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eyelash drops

into the bucket

cool tones of blue


secrete all senses of

perpendicular straights

wrapped into crescents


follow the moon

light with the quick

falsification of silk

and dust


crawl into constant

believe in the star

fish that sucks cheeks


amber lights


frisk butterflies next

to the flood

overwhelms crooks

of elbows


fingertip scales

green garbanzo beans

neck bends

sliding into the pot

of boiling feathers


copious knuckles

darkle and splinter


faded sun


I thirst

in sails to see

all things circumlocute

waiver onto  

bellicose prodigies

Jessica Retzlaff is a graduate student in the Professional Writing track at UW-Milwaukee. In May of 2013, she was awarded second place in the Poetry section of the Superior Student Writing Awards at UW-Whitewater.



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