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Things to Punch

May. 20, 2013
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Zombies. Bean bags. A padded wall. Shoulders. Exercise balls. Fire. The TV when you lose at a video game. Your dog for not sitting. Snow. A window when the doors locked. Disrespectful men. Pillows. The “Charlie-Horse” spot. Steering wheels. Falling water. Your baseball glove. Racism. An anthill. Puddles. An open palm. Thawing meat. Chess boards. A hole puncher. Clouds. Ninjas. A friend’s knuckles. The paper when you can’t write something good. Government. Nitrogen atoms. Oxygen atoms. A locked door with no windows around. Three holes in a sheet of paper. Fake Santa at the mall. Football helmets. A freezing cell phone. A book with a cliché ending. Pieces of wood. The computer screen when you can’t type something good. Snowmen.



Myles Siemsen is a twenty-one year old Chicago native living in Cudahy. His interests include screenwriting, playing basketball, and writing poetry. Myles's work has a wide range of influences from Frank O'Hara to Tupac Shakur and Langston Hughes to George Meredith


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