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Heroes of the Week: Local College and University Students Making a Difference

May. 21, 2013
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Milwaukee’s colleges and universities are the source of a plethora of service-minded student organizations that are improving our community. Though there are many student initiatives and organizations that are Heroes of the Week, we’d like to highlight three unique Marquette University groups making a huge impact in town and beyond.

■ MU’s Hunger Clean-Up, one of the university’s largest annual service projects, works to create awareness about combating issues of homelessness, hunger and poverty in Milwaukee. This student-run initiative holds fundraisers throughout the year so they can give away three $3,000 grants to anti-poverty organizations. This year, more than $20,000 was raised.

■ Allies of the Club strives to enhance the professional and life skills of Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee members. MU volunteers tutor and conduct workshops for club members, focusing on subjects such as business and finance, professional etiquette, social skills, healthy lifestyles and college readiness.

■ MU’s Mardi Gras organization was founded in 2006 and aims to raise awareness about the needs of post-Katrina New Orleans. This initiative focuses on rebuilding homes and neighborhoods affected by the disaster. Mardi Gras has sent more than 1,500 people to New Orleans to help with relief. Last year the organization visited New York to help with Hurricane Sandy relief.

We cannot write about all the wonderful contributions that service-minded students from all the area colleges and universities provide, but we can thank every participating area student with service-minded goals for taking time out of your lives to make a difference in our community, throughout the country and around the globe.


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