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Abbey Load (Oglio Records)

Jun. 8, 2013
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By now you’d think the novelty of Beatallica—a band that blurs The Beatles’ power pop with Metallica’s grizzled metal—would have worn off. But three albums in, the Milwaukee-rooted group has made its darkest and most accessible album yet. Abbey Load contains 10 tracks from The Beatles’ Abbey Road, plus five other Beatles classics. The Metallica emphasis focuses on Load, ReLoad and Garage Inc. Some interpretations work better than others. “Come Together” and “Carry That Weight” rock with fury and aren’t far removed from what The Beatles might have recorded today. Similarly, “Michelle” sounds like something Metallica could have written for Load, but “I Saw Her Standing There” sounds forced and foolish. All told, 15 songs rush by in less than 39 minutes, making Abbey Load fall just shy of too much of a good thing.


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